10pcs/set Ceramic Electric Nail Drill Bits - Ime2s

10pcs/set Ceramic Electric Nail Drill Bits


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  • Intersecting stripes of the drill head can help you polish and reshape your nails.
  • Remove the dead skin 
  • Small size and cuspidal design make it easier to remove the dead skin near your nails.
  • It also can be used to remove dead skin for finger nails and toe nails.
  • Ceramic and stainless steel
  • It is made of ceramic and stainless steel, not easy to rust.
  • Can also be used for wiping away nail gel.
  • Storage box is also included, easier to store.



1. Check nail bits before use.

2. Always wear eye-protective safety glasses.

3. For professional use only.

4. Do not use if it is dropped.

5. Keep out of reach of children.

6. Disinfect nail bits after use.

Material: Diamond/Ceramic/Brush 

Use for: Cutter Milling Cleaning

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