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62W Strong 210 Electric Nail Drill Machine


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The Strong 210 Electric Nail Drill Machine allows a delicate finish of your work and helps save valuable service time. Ideal for Professional nail stylists to file and shape tips, acrylic, nail decoration, carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sanding, polishing and UV gel nails. Powerful 35,000 rpm motor is durable and ready to handle the job! It is a professional and convenient custom nail drill machine with dual-direction for nail technicians.

The Strong 210 nail drill machine comes with 62W High Power & you can use it professionally in beauty parlors, spas and as well as for personal home use. 

  • 62W High Power
  • Streamlined Pen Design
  • Precision Sliding Speed Control
  • High torque / 0 - 35,000 RPM's
  • Ultra Smooth/No Vibration/Low Noise 
  • Two Work Mode Nail Drill Machine
  • Automatic Safety Overload Protection System
  • For Pedicure and Manicure.
  • Forward/Reverse rotation
  • Stable performance.
  • Portable size and smooth vibration for a comfortable grip and easier operation
  • Multi-use nail drill machine: carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sanding, polishing
  • Suitable for Professional Use, Nail Salon or Home use.


    • Please keep the equipment dry.
    • Please confirm the drill bit clip locked before using.
    • Don't change the turning directions too frequently, otherwise, it will damage the grinding head.
    • Turn the speed control counterclockwise to decelerate the grinding head to the minimum before  turning off and switch the main power source to 0
    • After the operation put the grinding head on the top of the panel
    • When adjusting the speed, do not press the right switch button, wait for the handle stop and then press
    • Please stop working if you want to change the direction of rotation.


    • Strong 210 Nail Drill Machine
    • Plugs Type: US, EU, UK, AU
    • Model Number: LMH181102-02
    • Material: Plastic+ABS
    • Model: 210+105L
    • Rotate Speed: 0-35000RPM
    • Voltage: 110V/220V,50-60Hz
    • Power: 65W

    Package Includes-

    • Strong 210 Electric Nail Drill Machine 35K RPM 
    • 1x Handpiece
    • 6 Nail Drill Standard Bits/Filing Heads
    • User Manual English (Spanish).

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