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FELICIA Professional Ionic Hair Dryer for Salon


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Give yourself an ultimate hair drying experience in the form of FELICIA  Ionic Hair Dryer. Lightweight, low noise and travel-friendly, it gives the ability to get a salon-like drying experience with one click, anywhere and anytime.


  • Equipped with ionic technology, FELICIA Hair Dryer ensures that your hair is taken care of during the styling process
  • Loaded with protecting technology it saves your hair by distributing the right amount of heat equally
  • Lightweight, low noise, faster and maximum flash blower. 
  • Quiet yet quick, our lightweight full-size blow-dryer can cut down drying time by 30%
  • You can carry this in your purse and style it wherever you want
  • Anion blower with diffuser and concentrator nozzle. 
  • 3 Heat setting, 2 speed & one cool setting
  • 1400w high power, professional grade blower
  • Cold wind, hot wind switch.


    •  Ionic Hair Dryer
    • Power Cord Tail Assembly Mode: 360° Rotatable
    • Min. temperature: 100 °C
    • Max. temperature: 230°C
    • Diameter of thermal conductor: Less than15 mm
    • Voltage: 100-240v (Dual voltage)
    • Service life of thermal plate/bar: More than 50,000 times
    • Certification: CE
    • Power: 25W-39W
    • Optimal styling time: 3-5 min.

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