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Makeup Setting Spray


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Name : Makeup Setting Spray
Benefit: Moisturizer, Whitening, Natural, Antioxidant, Brighten, Nutritious, Sensitive.
Net Wt 50ml
Product Features :
Makeup setting spray is made from high quality, mineral and healthy ingredient.
The mist can cover whole face to setting the whole face makeup. And the mist is soft, light and light weight.
It can make the makeup contain more longer and it's waterproof.
Matte finish effect but also moisturizing and protect the skin. 
Alcohol-free, suitable for any kind of skin, can fix the makeup easily and make your whole face look glow. 
Usage : 
Spray the mist after the whole face makeup.You also can spray it on the eyeshadow brush before eye makeup. 
It can make the shadow powder not fall out and lasting the eye makeup. 
Package Contents : 
1 x Makeup Setting Spray

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