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Smart Vibrating Makeup Applicator


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Smart makeup applicator is one of the smartest new makeup tools.
It is an innovative vibrating make-up applicator that helps make skin flawless, smooth and radiant by using powerful and delicate vibrations. 

Electric powder puff

Features: Over 10000 vibrations per minute. Gain Natural and white skin quickly and won't leave any corners around eyes,mouth or nose. Natural but professional make up as if an expert,Slim and light, Fix your makeup anytime,anywhere. Using simply,cleaning easily, use it whenever and wherever.

Specifications: Product material: metal and powder puff. Applicable crowd: use of any skin group (sensitive skin test).


With over 10,000 vibrations per minute, the soft and elastic puffs help give your skin a natural smooth tone and texture by spreading and adhering foundation, BB cream, CC cream, as well as other makeup bases thinly and evenly, without clogging your pores and by enhanced absorption.

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