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Waterproof & Reversible Couch Cover


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Fully reversible, water repellent, soft-quilted furniture protectors help keep pet hair, moisture, and little pet accidents off your furniture. FurHaven Reversible Furniture covers protect your furniture from your pet’s daily use with water-resistant coating and pinsonic quilting. Furhaven quilted-fabric furniture covers let your dog or cat lounge in their favorite spots without putting any little pet-messes directly on your furniture. This protector is easy to place and secure to your furniture with its patent pending, no-fuss cushion anchors. They secure the base on all three sides, and a sturdy elastic band secures the back to prevent shifting.

Features :

2 sides usable - colors White/Brown
Hypoallergenic - these couch protectors are 100% hypoallergenic, they are made with natural materials to reduce the risk of any allergic responses you may have while your or your dog using it.
Material - 100% Soft Quilted Microfiber


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