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Wrist Thumb Arthritis Pressure Corrector


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Suffer from arthritis pain and fatigue in your wrists or hands due to excessive use of mobile and other hand activities?

Relieve pain in your hands thanks to the new and practical  Wrist Thumb Arthritis Pressure Corrector! You can use them at any time and any place, providing support and well-being. Thanks to their design and flexibility they fit perfectly on to your hands. 


  • Promotes blood circulation, helps to relieve arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle pain and spasms.
  • Can be used when taking part in any sporting activity
  • Water resistant
  • Adopts high grade silicone material, soft and high elastic
  • Easy to wear, ideal for protecting your hand

Package Included: 1 Pair Wrist Thumb Arthritis Pressure Corrector


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